Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's Old is New Again...and it Stinks Part II

Magic...Dreamy Land...That is where I was for the past week, a magical dreamy land. Imagine for a moment my perfect man:

1) Employed
2) Owns Home
3) Loves Animals
4) Funny
5) Handsome
6) Compassionate
7) Accepts me for exactly who I am

Now indulge me for a moment and let me tell you about the man from the past week:

1) Employed for a number of years with the same company. Definition~Steady, Safe, Responsible
2) Owns his own home with 5 acres of land in the country, in the SOUTH!. Definition~Ah, hello? You know this is on my dream board, right?
3) Loves animals, especially PitBulls. Has nine kennels on his land. Definition~nuf said.
4) Funny, some of the most amusing stories and off-the-cuff-make-you-laugh-out-loud comments are made by this man. Definition~If he makes Angie laugh there is something to it.
5) Handsome man, yes. Dark Brown eyes with the longest eyelashes you have ever seen. Definition~Swimming in those eyes is my new sport.
6) Compassion is for families and friends and he has plenty to spare. Definition~It will not be like talking to an emotional brick wall as I have had to deal with in the past.
7) Accepts me, loved me once and asked for my hand in marriage. Definition~Easy breezy courtship since we already know each other.

So in my mind I am thinking WOW, this could be interesting to pursue. My cynicism was wavering and happy thoughts and positive feelings were emerging. Break through moments that disappeared from my life a long time ago. Happy feelings. Positive feelings. Enlightening, courageous, risk taking happy thoughts! WOW! It felt nice, good, different, but really good.

I send a text yesterday. The response I got was not what I was hoping for, nor was the response from the person to whom I thought I had sent the text. It all fell down and the walls went back up.

I won't get into the details because it really is just so red-neck drama filled horseshit that it doesn't deserve a repeat performance. I am going to have to come up with a clever name for my block/delete maneuver, because it is being used an awful lot lately, it really does deserve recognition.

I am starting to renovate my dream board. It is fairly simple these days and there is one thing that is no longer on it. Love. I have six furkids, one son and a mother, that just has to be enough for me. I was never a fan of the roller coaster anyway.

Christmas this year would be nice though. Just sayin'.